About us


Sunya Trades Limited Partnership is a registered company specializing in rubber exporting business and was established in Bangkok, Thailand since 2014 and newly becoming a rising star of Thailand trading company.

We are a member of the Rubber Authority of Thailand, Thailand Chamber of commerce and industry and Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Department of Business Development, Rubber Research Institute of Thailand and other relevant licenses for export.

We are recently becoming one of the players and competitors of Thailand exporter based in Bangkok, Thailand.

As a trader and exporter of high-quality Thailand southern rubber and most of Thailand commodities-related products. The name “Sunya Trades” is a formerly used refer for Thailand.

Over the years, we have achieved an excellent reputation for our export products in Asia and the Middle East market. To cope with the increasing demand from our products, the sales and distribution network of Thailand rubber exporter Sunya Trades Limited Partnership has now expanded worldwide.